Sea giants - A race of aquatic giants that were created by the Titans to help dredge out the sea.
Anubisath edit The Anubisath are gigantic stone creatures that are modeled after Anubis and are created by the Titans.
Archived from the original (PDF) on June 11, 2003."Warcraft III expansion revealed".Blood elves edit The blood elves were introduced in beast mastery best in slot Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne after the undead Scourge destroyed the high elf capital of Silvermoon in Quel'Thalas and the source of their power, the Sunwell along with most of the high elf population."The Greatest Moments in Blizzard Entertainment History".A b c d e f g h i j k l Adams, Dan (July 17, 2002).The Draenei poker combat 2017 password have been led by the Prophet Velen since they first fled Argus millennia ago.Several nerubians were resurrected by the Lich King to serve for the Scourge, including their former king, Anub'arak.Archived from the original on May 6, 2010.Porter, Matt (June 9, 2015).8 However, only the surface has been reclaimed.Retrieved August 6, 2018.Man'ari eredar edit The man'ari eredar are the demon-corrupted eredar who now lead the Burning Legion.
Uther the Lightbringer: What?
They created the crystallized golems to aid them in their research and to protect them.
The Draenei use elekks as their class land mount.
Most of their forces withdrew from the Alliance after the defeat of the Horde, though independent elves sought employ with the Kirin Tor and as priests and sorceresses of the armies.
4 One of the signatures of Blizzard games are the unit"s: If a single unit is clicked four or more times in a row, the unit's voice samples become increasingly comical.However, he was forced to step down as warchief in order to focus his full attention as a shaman to mend the shattered world caused by Deathwing's return.However, GameSpot noted that the character models were of mediocre quality, especially when viewed up close during in-game cutscenes.2 During a game, players must establish settlements to gain resources, defend against others, and train units to explore the map and fight computer controlled foes.Level/area: Human Campaign: "The Defense of Strahnbrad".Face off against Gabriela Morales your most fierce, capable, and unpredictable adversary yet.Makrura edit The Makrura are a race of humanoid crayfish that live in the ocean, but are capable of surviving on land for short periods of time.The corrupted furbolg tribes consist of the Blackwood Tribe, the Deadwood Tribe, the Foulweald Tribe, the Gnarlpine Tribe, the Thistlefur Tribe, the Winterfall Tribe, and the Bristlelimb Tribe.

The title for this position depends on the rank of the individual (e.g., Anduin Lothar was a knight and his title was Supreme Allied Commander.
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