Flower OF eternity Once you complete all quests, you will get the Flower of Eternity!
Don't forget to check the sale in the market for much wanted items Grab your update bonus.
It also has great deco barters!
Thank you for taking part in the mini-game.Update dates: when the land closes, when you can turn the special building.Uproot the main rootstock to extract Poison Ivy Extract.Marathon participation IS optional!Posted - 2 months 1 W ago Valentine's Day Update.1 love trials - temporary festive location next to your Home Station.Nach der Geburt folgt die zweite Entwicklungsstufe des kleinen Plüschtiers.
Poison IVY Cut out all Poison Ivy in Crazy Day with special tools made in the Foresters House.
Butterfly Cliff - A temporary location near your Home Station.
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You can take part in the marathon until March 12, 17:59 PDT.
Love Elixir can be found in Wells in Love Trials.
The recipe is interactive and has 3 stages, you will get to choose what ingredients to use in each stage.Accept it until February 20, 23:59 PST, set it out on your Home Station.Its available from level.Posted - 3 Ds 15 Hs ago.If you choose wrong, you will be asked to start over.Acionide from the previous update can be used too!